SONG PICK: Scoobert Doobert – Don’t Worry



SONG PICK: Scoobert Doobert – Don’t Worry

Who can resist an invitation like “Don’t Worry?” Luckily, the song doesn’t continue with “be happy” but takes a different, unexpected route. The melody itself is upbeat, with a sunny, Californian surfer vibe which comes as no surprise since Scoobert Doobert grew up in San Diego. And the artist makes use of his surroundings as best he can. While I immediately liked the song’s feel-good vibe, it was the lyrics that made me embrace the track in full. I am sure I am not the only one who can easily relate to the feeling of “never enough,”  and how little all our apps and gadgets help us at times, and can even have the opposite effect.

When asked about his new single, Scoobert Doobert says:

“Don’t Worry” is about the stress of adding “meditate” to my daily to-do list. The stress of a commitment to not be stressed. A meta-worry. A feeling compounded in a New Year ripe with resolution but without much resoluteness. I guess a goal that intimates is the one most worth following. It be scary doe.

Listen to “Don’t Worry,” out via Beformer and our Song Pick of the Day:

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