SONG PICK: Marie Naffah – Wasteland



SONG PICK: Marie Naffah – Wasteland

The utterly appealing rhythm in “Wasteland” is impossible to escape, with absolutely no chance to abandon the mesmerizing song once you started listening! This is the new single by Marie Naffah, whose lyrics are intelligent and beautifully poetic – a heady combination:

Why you drink my water, if it’s all that’s left to drink I could turn it into wine, you’d still pour it down the sink

And then of course add Marie Naffah’s unique vocals to the mix. Vocals that are velvety and deep, powerful, and full of emotion and promise. Her songwriting is influenced by her travels around across the U.S.A. and within the U.K. and her half-Lebanese heritage. With her previous singles “The Cage” and “California,” we got an idea of Maria Naffah’s world and her upcoming EP will offer more from it.

When asked about her intentions with “Wasteland,” Marie says:

I wanted the song to move in and out of two lands – The Wasteland and Wonderland. Wasteland – the home of self-doubt, apathy and vulnerability is articulated through the verses whilst Wonderland is a space of confidence, power and energy that pulsates through the chorus. After the year we’ve all had, I feel it is a song for people who seek to find their own version of Wonderland in 2021.

Listen to “Wasteland,” our Song Pick of the Day:

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