SONG PICK: Marie Noreger – Eager To Feel



Marie Norgeger

SONG PICK: Marie Noreger – Eager To Feel

With its chilled jazzy future pop production “Eager To Feel” smoothly enters you mind and invites to dream of something like a sunset cocktail at a beach somewhere. But Norwegian singer Marie Noreger also pours deep thoughts into this song, making it an excellent companion for your year end reflections.

Marie reveals:

“Eager to Feel” is about the pain and the pleasure about being a human. I captured a specific head space in the process of making this song. Questions like “Am I a slave to my thoughts” entered my mind. Feelings and emotions captured most likely in a young body.
As a teenager or young adult it can be so difficult to understand yourself, where you come from, what you´re build of .. and just what this whole life means. But as A human I don’t think we ever really stop questioning our own existence and position in life, and I think that’s important to put light on that to prevent us from feeling alone.

“Eager to Feel” is the third single of her debut EP to be released next March. Listen to our Song Pick of the Day “Eager to feel” below:

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(Photo: Oswald Amoa)

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