SONG PICK: Graywave – Like Heaven




SONG PICK: Graywave – Like Heaven

“Like Heaven,” the new single by U.K. musician Jess Webberly aka Graywave is a classic shoegaze beauty. With heavy guitar layers the song washes over you you like a wave of emotions and fills your mind with its intensity. You might want to turn up the volume to enjoy the full effect.

Jess gives us some insight:

“Like Heaven” is ultimately about the struggle of light and dark within oneself. The lyrics aim to capture a sense of self destruction and a strange urge to self sabotage. The song is about that darker side of myself that pushes doubt and lack of self worth to the forefront.

“Like Heaven” will be on Graywave’s debut EP “Planetary Shift” to be released early next year. Watch out for our Q&A with her in January.

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