SONG PICK: la loye – I’m Still Asleep



La Loye

SONG PICK: la loye – I’m Still Asleep

la loye is the project of Lieke Heusinkveld from Amsterdam, Netherlands and her new song “I’m Still Asleep” is a reflection of dealing with insecurities while growing up. This could have worked as a quiet, acoustic track, but Lieke doesn’t hold back with layers of sounds and creates a moving cinematic experience for the listener. She explains about the song:

As a teen I was always searching for any sort of buzz: going out, roaming the city with friends, that sort of thing. Even though I seemed to enjoy most of it, there would always be this underlying sense of sorrow. It could really catch me off guard as I didn’t really understand where it came from or what to do with it. I think the song is a reflection on this particular time where I was just trying to figure that stuff out

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