SONG PICK: Piqued Jacks – Golden Mine



SONG PICK: Piqued Jacks – Golden Mine

When a song starts with its chorus, our ears perk up and our interest is peaked. As it is the case with “Golden Mine”, the new single by Italian indie rock-quartet Piqued Jacks. “Golden Mine” marks the second single of Picked Jacks’ upcoming album “Synchronizer”, produced by Brett Shaw (Foals), and out via INRI.

The band says about the track’s sentiment:

Many of us fear death, but maybe we should only fear it as far as we wouldn’t be able to leave a mark on this world, nor to have someone close to us that holds our hand in our last moments.

Aside from the beautifully energetic sound, that brings supergroups like The Killers to mind, the pensive statement got us thinking, and it did not need the pandemic to do so. To fully embrace and live life, one needs to also occasionally spend some thoughts on one’s own death because it offers clarity and purpose. Or as Piqued Jacks phrase it in the chorus “We all gotta dig down through the tunnels of life.”

The single cover of the previous single “Every Day Special” was designed by Lunatico, who also took on the design for “Golden Mine” with the following intention:

Here, the old man seated on the rocks is singing that it’s now our turn to venture forth, to take a risk and dig down as deep as possible through the tunnels of life. The magic is there, and it’s waiting for us.

Listen to “Golden Mine”, our Song Pick of the Day:

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Photo credit: Marika Miniati

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