SONG PICK: Katie Kuffel – Carillon



Katie Kuffel

SONG PICK: Katie Kuffel – Carillon

“Carillon” is about recovering from a violent attack that Seattle-based singer/songwriter Katie Kuffel experienced in college. But the song does not much dwell on the suffering, but emphasizes the resilience that helps overcoming such a horrible experience: horns, organ, guitar and Katie’s powerful vocals all blow into the faces of people who try to abuse those they perceive as weaker.

Katie hopes that her message can help others:

I like to speak openly because violence against women is still so prevalent. So many people are stuck during Covid with their abusers, so many folks don’t know what resources are available to them, what laws are and aren’t on their side.

“Carillon” is the first single from Katie’s debut album “Alligator” to be released early next year. Listen to out Song Pick of the Day below:

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(Photo: Kendall Rock Photography)

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