SONG PICK: Hayley Ross – Moving All Around (Video)



Hayley Ross

SONG PICK: Hayley Ross – Moving All Around (Video)

Hayley Ross is a singer/songwriter from Brighton, England, but musically you would put her rather on this side of the Atlantic. Our Song Pick of the Day “Moving all Around” is an earthy guitar-driven song with sweeping cinematic qualities. Originally released on her debut album “The Weight of Hope” earlier this year the track also serves as a segue to her new EP (listen here) with two brand new songs.

Hayley herself directed the video to “Moving All Around,” which intertwines desert vistas with light and shadow plays:

All the footage was shot by my partner Rory, Jimi at the label and myself. I pieced it all together to fit the track sonically. I really like the shadows I managed to capture on my living room wall, they feel like visual audio. I plan to do more of this and take more artistic control of the whole package as imagery is very important to me while writing music… I feel it goes hand in hand.

Watch the video here:

Listen to “Moving All Around” on Spotify:

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