SONG PICK: Chloe Rodgers – Faces (Video)



Chloe Rodgers

SONG PICK: Chloe Rodgers – Faces (Video)

In “Faces” U.K. musician Chloe Rodgers reflects on two diametrically different moments in her life. The beauty of this ethereal, quiet track is the distance to the actual events, which conveys melancholy about the passing of good times, but also hope that the bad ones can and will be overcome too.

Chloe tells us about the song:

The first half of Faces is about one of the loveliest days I’ve had where I felt so connected to my friends and the universe. The second half is about one of the worst days of my life where I felt like I was being eaten alive by paranoia and fear, I really thought I wasn’t going to make it out alive that day. I thought the contrast of these 2 intense feelings would make an interesting song. The bits where I’m just singing a tune with no words & the instrumental is meant to represent taking time to reflect on these things.

Today Chloe shares a wonderfully calming video for “Faces,” directed by Anna Tiani. Watch here:

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(Photo: Dom Garnham)

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