SONG PICK: BYFYN – Ain’t Gonna Be Lonely




SONG PICK: BYFYN – Ain’t Gonna Be Lonely

Nothing really bad is going on in “Ain’t Gonna Be Lonely,” just the realization that life might go down the wrong path. From a personal experience U.K. artist Ellie Isherwood aka BYFYN created a song keeps a level of discomfort below its otherwise bright pop sensibilities: an ominously pulsing bass line and an eerie synth patch put a weight on the sing-alone chorus, just like Ellie’s concern do on her relationship. She gives us some background:

I had been going through a bit of a crisis of identity and I was struggling with anxiety. I began to realise just how co-dependent I had become on my boyfriend of 6 years. I hate being alone, I always have, but it had kind of reached a crisis point for me, where I was like, I’m in my mid 20s now, I need to examine what’s going on here, so I wrote this song as a start.

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(Photo: Olivia Lifungu)

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