SONG PICK: Abby Sage – Honey,



Abby Sage

SONG PICK: Abby Sage – Honey,

Abby Sage is a singer/songwriter from the Bay Area. Her third single “Honey,” allures with a relaxed vibe: chill beats and guitars underline Abby’s voice as she reflects on a high-energy romantic encounter. She says about the song:

Honey embodies full surrender to that overwhelming feeling of attraction. That initial “holy shit I would do anything for this human who I just laid eyes on for the first time” kinda thing. My mom claims she knew she would marry my dad the minute she looked into his eyes upon first meeting him. I played upon this idea with Honey, however, in my case, the draw is lust over anything.

Expect more music from Abby in the next months. Listen to our Song Pick of the Day “Honey,” here:

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