SONG PICK: Ellie Haddad – How Are Ya?



Ellie Haddad

SONG PICK: Ellie Haddad – How Are Ya?

Libanese/Swedish singer/songwriter Ellie Haddad has been writing music for a while, but “How Are Ya?” is the first single under her own name. It is a fun, playful tune about insecurities in social situations, when you start to believe that others must think you are a crazy. But don’t let the light-hearted musical presentation fool you: Ellie is tackling serious stories from her own life in this song and the upcoming EP. She says:

The EP is called “P.T.S.D” (post traumatic stress disorder) is a collection of 5 songs that are all about why I have P.T.S.D, (but in a a fun and upbeat way, ish)

Listen to our Song Pick of the Day “How Are Ya?” below:

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