SONG PICK: keaton dekker – ITYK



SONG PICK: keaton dekker – ITYK

What is your take on unknown words, acronyms, and abbreviations? Do you want to find out more or are you losing interest already? Would you know what ITYK stands for? Admittedly, I have not heard the acronym before and now, I not only know what it means but in the process got to listen to a stunning track as well. “ITYK” is the new single by East London artist keaton dekker, who creates his music all by himself from songwriting, over instrumentation to producing. He also lends his gorgeous vocals to his productions and the result is 80s tinged pop with R&B influences. I get quite the George Michael vibe from the smooth and elegant production to the utter catchiness of “ITYK”.

When asked about his new single, keaton says:

“I made ‘ITYK’ in my room whilst honestly wanting to be dancing by the tide at sunset. I wanted to create pure warmth with sound, like when sun rays hit the surface of your face. The song addresses miscommunication, and how it can create a huge misjudgement of character. The twists and turns of being in a friendship that isn’t 100% open and honest.”

Listen to “ITYK”, our Song Pick of the Day:

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Photo credit: Jonathan Wykes

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