SONG PICK: Fellow Hollow – Where can I buy fresh berries at night?



SONG PICK: Fellow Hollow – Where can I buy fresh berries at night?

Enchanting with delightful fingerpicking and mellow vocal harmonies, the new single by Fellow Hollow is an instant must-listen. The songwriting duo is comprised of Luke Elliot Fleeman and Andrew Gavin Williams, who both grew up in central Ohio and met in 2010 while playing in a folk-rock band. While the title might be a tad long with “Where can I buy fresh berries at night?”, it also makes it very clear, that there is more at stake than a beautiful melody plus interesting storytelling in the song’s lyrics.

While we loved the track thanks to its compelling music and down-to-earth production already, learning more about the subject matter, we knew we want to feature “Where can I buy fresh berries at night?”.

Singer/lyricist Andrew Gavin Williams reveals the following about their new single:

“The song is about the many forms grief can take—particularly in the digital age. I read an article about a woman named Eugenia who made a ‘digital monument’ for her friend Roman who had died tragically in an accident. The memorial was an interactive chat bot that pulled words and phrases from email and text conversations between her and her late friend throughout the years. The article touched me but left me unsettled. While the conversations felt sweet and melancholy, it all felt a bit like the entering the uncanny valley. Does our technology make it harder to get closure? What ought we do with the digital remains of our loved ones?”

How refreshing to find artists musing about this aspect of life and death. We feel that this is food for thought for even more songs as this surely is not solved. And getting closure… is it even ever possible? Philosophy wrapped in an alluring song!

Listen to “Where can I buy fresh berries at night?”, our Song Pick of the Day:

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