Song Pick: Cat Turner – Empathy



Cat Turner

Song Pick: Cat Turner – Empathy

Singer, songwriter & producer Cat Turner is a unique voice in Irish music, who has been refining her sound over two years and three EPs. Her latest one, “House Plant” (Apple Music | Spotify) has a more organic vibe and strikes with an effortless, sleek production: from here, she can go anywhere and we more than curious about what she is doing next.

Our Song Pick of the Day is EP closer “Empathy”. Cat explains:

With songs like ‘Empathy’ the meaning has changed for me a lot living in the world we are in now. I think this one is questioning why people lack empathy at times. Things happen to you that make you need empathy for others but do you grow from these or end up not caring for other things cause you’re wrapped up in your own experience.

Listen to Empathy below:

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