SONG PICK: At Pavillon – Joy



SONG PICK: At Pavillon – Joy

It only takes three letters to infuse a grey day or a hopeless moment with a feeling of possibilities. Small on the outside, yet incredibly powerful that is “Joy”, the mighty three-letter word and also the title of the new single by Austrian pop-quartet At Pavillon. The feel-good track swirls and bounces with a flurry of positive vibes, that make you want to sing along. Thanks to a cool lyric video, this is even easily possible!

At Pavillon’s singer and lyricist Mwita Mataro offers the following about their new single:

“The song Joy describes the waiting of joy for an indefinite time, when suddenly it disappears. Corona has left emotional wounds for many people, which still have to be dealt with despite loosening up of the strict measures. Many, including me, had to spend the weeks alone and confront unprocessed feelings that we were not aware of. Negative feelings then often exceed positive thoughts and we forget what it feels like to spend the day with joy. Joy is the attempt to translate joy into music, with the intention to remember how it feels to be happy. Don’t give up the hope, she’s on her way.

Here’s to reclaiming our lives and with it also the feeling of joy! Listen to “Joy”, our Song Pick of the Day:

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