SONG PICK: Syd Sister – This Summer



SONG PICK: Syd Sister – This Summer

The irresistibly catchy “This Summer” comes with a sunny, carefree vibe and a video that makes you long for Summer even more so smack dab in the middle of summer yet no possibility for a beach vacay. Thank you very much, pandemic! This ode to the good times marks the new single by English singer/songwriter Syd Sister and we were wondering, whether the song was created during the dark winter months and whether England’s seaside is a bit friendlier than New York City during wintertime.

Syd told us:

“I wrote the song back in winter yes. Brighton is normally very windy, wet, and gloomy in the winter so I was probably dreaming of being on a beach resort somewhere when I wrote it! (Although this year since about April the weather has been amazing, normally it feels like we only get one really sunny week in a row.) I’ve always liked that Bruno Mars 80’s feel good vibe and I basically used that as a bit of a starting point for the song.”

Listening to the track, we feel a bit lighter and happier already, at least for a little while! Get into the groove and watch “This Summer”, our Song Pick of the Day:

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