SONG PICK: Rose Brokenshire – In A Spell



Rose Brokenshire

SONG PICK: Rose Brokenshire – In A Spell

Like being “In A Spell” may be a familiar feeling for you. You are not alone says Toronto-based singer/songwriter Rose Brokenshire in her new song, a relaxed, slow-burning piece about the passing of time in isolation. On the other hand the track also perfectly demonstrates the special kind of creativity that can arise out of this situation. Rose recalls:

I produced this track myself within the confines of my small apartment in the west end of Toronto. Everything came together very organically since I was right in the middle of the state this song is about. I opened Garageband and set up my microphone, began recalling my day in a melody, and ended up writing and recording the entire song right then and there in just a few hours.

“In A Spell” is the first of four songs Rose wrote about coping with the pandemic. Listen to our Song Pick of the Day here:

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