SONG PICK: Renwick – High Horse



SONG PICK: Renwick – High Horse

“High Horse” comes with a big dose of nostalgia thanks to its bouncy synths and the reflecting vibe. Having grown up in Sydney, Australia, Renwick learned to play the trombone, the piano, and other instruments from a young age on and is able to draw from many different influences, eventually developing his own preferences and style. The singer/multi-instrumentalist/producer delivers an intriguing track with “High Horse” and listening through his earlier work reveals other fantastic tracks like the glistening, disco-ready “Time To Let It Go” or the catchy “That’s How It Goes“.

When asked about his latest single, Renwick offers:

High Horse a temper tantrum of a song. The protagonist – definitely not me – is having a wobbly because someone has broken up with them. It’s all set in their head and they’re feeding on their own angst, so the story is sort of them working through it. It’s written to be as critical of the self-pitying protagonist as it is of whoever is sat up on the high horse. Boo hoo.”

Listen to “High Horse”, our Song Pick of the Day:

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Photo credit: Jake Brennan

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