SONG PICK: Cream With A K – Good Dog



Cream With A K

SONG PICK: Cream With A K – Good Dog

U.K. musician Cream With A K is back with a new song that demonstrates that isolation can set free creativity in a special way. “Good Dog” is more mellow and less grungy than her other songs and takes a look at love from a surprising angle. Lee Tatlock, the woman behind Cream With A K, explains:

During lockdown, it’s no surprise I’ve been writing a lot. Within the span of a month I wrote, arranged, mixed, mastered and managed to release this track (engineered by Rollo Smallcombe) which is record speed for me.
In a nutshell, “Good Dog” is a cinematic love song, I wrote from the perspective of a loyal dog who’s in love with it’s owner and would gladly give its life for him.
When I was writing the last verse of lyrics the story literally moved me to tears – which has never happened before in my music career.
This is my favourite piece of work so far and it’s very precious to me. This song is for anyone who has sacrificed something precious for the one(s) they love.

Update: Cream With A K released a video for “Good Dog”:

Listen to “Good Dog,” our Song Pick of the Day here:

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