SONG PICK: Nickie Minshall – Watch Your Step



Nickie Minshall

SONG PICK: Nickie Minshall – Watch Your Step

Nickie Minshall has been making music for a while in her hometown of Toronto and is now ready to embark on a solo career. Her first offering: “Watch Your Step,” an emotional and catchy pop song that puts her crystalline vocals front and center. Nickie recalls about the song:

I’ve always been terrible at talking about my feelings, even though I know it helps. Thelyrics and melody for “Watch Your Step” flowed right out of me one day, as if I subconsciously knew I was done bottling everything up. It was the first song I ever actually finished. The words and imagery are unintentionally cryptic, but they make so much sense to me in hindsight – sometimes you have to abandon what’s comfortable, stop over – thinking, and go with your gut.

Nickie is planning to release more music later this year. Listen to our Song Pick of the Day on Bandcamp or Spotify:

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(Photo: Ally Payetta)

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