SONG PICK: Lial – Dirty Little Lies (Video)




SONG PICK: Lial – Dirty Little Lies (Video)

Should you be with this person or is this relationship a downward spiral? London-based singer songwriter Lial puts a new spin on a recurring theme in pop music: what if the “Dirty Little Lies” make things with somebody interesting in the first place. Her new song pitches reconciliatory words against drums pounding like a racing heartbeat – you can sugarcoat the situation, but thrill and danger are always present.

Lial says about the song:

Connection is an inherent part of being human and so you do anything you can to justify it while you’re in it, but part of the appeal is its forbidden nature. Lies are enough in themselves to create a spark.

“Dirty Little Lies” will be in Lial’s second EP “Make To Break,” out on June 12.

Watch the video directed by Wolf James here:

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(Photo: Debbie Scanlan)

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