SONG PICK: Margo Sanda – Aspettami



Margo Sanda

SONG PICK: Margo Sanda – Aspettami

There is much good music coming from Italy, but all artists we featured so far prefer to sing in English. That’s why I’m particularly excited to present North Italian, Berlin-based singer, songwriter and producer Margo Sanda, who just released her second EP “La Stanza Verde” (The Green Room) with five tracks sung in Italian. The language alone makes for a delightful listening experience, even if you don’t understand it. But there is far more to discover in Margo’s music: the songs spread out like a garden of wildflowers – beautifully harmonic from the distance, but full of life and surprising details. Margo used field recording and played an array of different instruments for her delicate productions.

Listen to the opener “Aspettami” (Wait For Me), our Song Pick of the Day below or enjoy the entire EP on Bandcamp, Apple Music or Spotify:

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(Photo: @_chantellegomez)

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