SONG PICK: Austra – Mountain Baby (ft. Cecile Believe)




SONG PICK: Austra – Mountain Baby (ft. Cecile Believe)

The release of a new Austra album is always a special day at glamglare. “HiRUDiN” (Apple Music | Spotify) – you don’t want to know what this is if you are squeamish – is just Katie Stelmanis’ fourth album over almost a decade and a lot has changed since her first full-length “Feel it Break.” What remained the same is the diverse approach to the production and her clear, bright almost outerworldly vocals. I recommend listening to the entire album, but the latest single “Mountain Baby” is a good summary for what to expect: an intriguing collage of sonic experiences, featuring a Toronto children’s choir and fellow Canadian musician Cecile Believe (fka Mozart’s Sister). Katie gives us some insight about the song:

Mountain Baby explores the different stages of a breakup. Surrounded by a feeling of unknown and grounded only by a hidden sense to move forward (the choir), we’re also reminded through flashbacks of both the uncertainty and resistance we experienced in the relationship (katie), as well as the pure, unbridled joy (cecile).

Listen to “Mountain Baby,” our Song Pick of the Day below:

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(Photo: Virginie Khateeb)

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