SONG PICK: Oriel Poole – Warrior (Video)



Oriel Poole

SONG PICK: Oriel Poole – Warrior (Video)

A New Year’s Eve love affair sparked the latest song “Warrior” by L.A.-based singer/songwriter Oriel Poole. Presumably the story didn’t have a happy ending: the track is a dark, brooding future pop piece that immediately pulls you into a world of intense, twisted emotions. Oriel released “Warrior” a few month ago, but the suspense-laden video is brand new. She reveals about the inspiration behind the clip:

When I met this man, I noticed he had a rare tattoo down his arms, in red and black. Having experienced the red and black game, I was curious about the color choice and I asked him the significance of his tattoo. He responded “Black is the symbol of love, while Red is the symbol of power, and it is believed that you cannot have one without the other.” This was a bit of insight that stuck with me.
Ironically, for some time now, I’ve wanted to create a red and black music video. With the inspiration from this encounter that led me to write this song, it felt like the perfect time to activate this concept for the Warrior music video. Taking on the role as creative director, wardrobe, and stylist, I worked with the team to ensure these colors were incorporated into the narrative and honored as a visual tie throughout the video.

Watch “Warrior” here:

Listen to the song below:

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