SONG PICK: Venus Furs – Living in Constant (Video)



SONG PICK: Venus Furs – Living in Constant (Video)

Clearly, the repetitive bass line is the most noticeable element in “Living in Constant”, the new mesmerizing single by Montreal-based Venus Furs. Yet guitar lovers like myself will be equally enchanted by the stellar guitar work. “Living in Constant” is a dark, brooding, and highly addictive little gem.

Lyrically, the song describes the final days of a disgraced priest, which made us want to know more. We reached out to Paul Kasner, the artist behind the moniker Venus Furs, to tell us a little more about the song, especially since there is also a video to go with. Paul says:

“The loneliness of quarantine and social distancing seems to really resonate with solitary dancer in the video, as well as the anxiety in the song’s lyrics.  However, this song has been a staple of my live set and I can’t wait to be able to perform it in public again.”

Yes, we all can not wait to enjoy live music in a venue with fellow friends and fans again! In the meantime, listen to the recorded version of “Living in Constant”, our Song Pick of the Day.

Watch the video:

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