SONG PICK: Natalie Bouloudis – Expand



Natalie Boloudis

SONG PICK: Natalie Bouloudis – Expand

The wonderful English singer/songwriter Natalie Bouloudis is back with a new song from her upcoming second EP “Devil is Doubt”. “Expand” is about a power that each of us has: opening your mind, overcome the limits the we set ourselves and see a world of possibilities. The song shows the way into this better headspace with guitar and violin: “I’m not damned, I still stand,” Natalie sings, which might be a good mantra for the time being.

Natalie says about “Expand”:

If most of [the EP] Devil is Doubt is a journey through a nocturnal storm, then Expand is a strip of sunlight, emerging from the moonbeams. When I wrote this track, I was having an honest conversation with myself. The song was about grasping a sense of perspective in life and owning a shift into the future. The world can literally become a smaller or bigger place depending on your state of mind and the decisions you make from your very personal aspect. With Expand, it felt like I was opening a window, and finding a sense of reconciliation with the events of the past – moving ahead with new hope and determination.

Listen to our Song Pick of the Day “Expand” here:

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