SONG PICK: Alex Porat – only hanging out cause I’m lonely (Video)



Alex Porat

SONG PICK: Alex Porat – only hanging out cause I’m lonely (Video)

The title says it all: “only hanging out cause I’m lonely” is about dating just to have somebody around. Let’s forget for a moment how you could interpret this in new ways right now and just enjoy a delightful pop song in which Canadian singer/songwriter Alex Porat comes clear about her erratic dating behavior. She explains:

Dating can be weird and confusing. Our dependency on technology isolates us and makes us crave companionship, sometimes for the wrong reasons. ‘Only Hanging Out Cause I’m Lonely’ was written about that struggle. Shoutout to all the guys I dated for way too long for the sake of dating. This one’s for you.

What could have been a light-hearted bubble-gum pop song, is grounded by an intricate, glitchy beat, almost as a reminder that real heartbreak and pain can occur in such relationships.

Watch the video “only hanging our cause I’m lonely,” directed by Iris Kim here:

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