SONG PICK: Gatlin – I Think About You All The Time




SONG PICK: Gatlin – I Think About You All The Time

Break-up songs are often written from a safe emotional distance. Not this one. Nashville-based singer/songwriter Gatlin created “I Think About You All the Time” about events only a few months back, together with fellow musician Victoria Bigelow. This becomes palpable with a special immediacy as Gatlin ponders about the push and pull in a difficult relationship.

Gatlin gives us some background:

I wanted the production of the song to match my emotion – really vulnerable in the beginning but the track just grows and ends with chaos and muddiness with lots of vocal layering and dissonant guitars. The end of the song is the final breakdown – the part in a relationship where you can’t take things as they are anymore. Thinking about somebody all of the time – especially someone who is ‘no good’ – is a very smothering and lawless state to be in. Sometimes in the beginning it can feel innocent, then with time grow to be just a little too messy. I think it’s good to get all that emotion out, and then hopefully move on – which are the songs I’m writing now!!!!

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