SONG PICK: Wray – Jogging / Neon Forming (Video)

“Jogging / Neon Forming”, the new single by Birmingham-based eclectic indie rockers Wray is beautifully comforting in its lush harmonies and mesmerizing in its built. It manages to transport us back to long lost childhood memories, and the times when synth-pop laden bands became big. Especially the second part of[…]

SONG PICK: Mr. Alec Bowman – Safe Mode (Video)

Ahead of his 11-track album “I Used To Be Sad & Then I Forgot”, British singer/songwriter Mr. Alec Bowman released the quiet and beautiful “Safe Mode”, together with a gorgeous video. Writing and recording songs, putting them all on an album, and releasing it at one point, takes time. With an[…]

SONG PICK: Lara Snow – Wild Sea (Video)

Tel Aviv- and Berlin-based singer/songwriter Lara Snow does big, glittering synth pop reminiscent of Icelandic artists like Vök or Hildur. In her latest single “Wild Sea” she reveals a very personal story “of a poisoned relationship and a great heartbreak.” Don’t expect her sulking, though: Lara’s music always feels elevating and empowering and is maybe what you need right now to brighten your day. And even better, her EP “Delete Everything” is finally out.

SONG PICK: Sophie Colette – In Love a Little

Is life a collection of moments and memories? Beautiful moments that live with us for a very long time, acting as a comforting cushion when things are not going so well, as very much right now? Last year in November, magic happened in a hotel room in Reykjavik, when Sophie[…]

Big Fox

SONG PICK: Big Fox – Let Love In

Swedish singer/songwriter Charlotta Perrier aka Big Fox has a beautiful album “See How The Light Falls” for you, one that you enjoy while leaning back, letting your mind wander while listening to Charlotta’s soft, reflective vocals.

SONG PICK: The Desert – Beauty Queen

“Beauty Queen”, the new single by Brighton-based art-pop band The Desert is slightly unsettling, brooding and ever-intensifying in its built yet at the same time blissfully gorgeous! The track is one of these songs that charm you at the spot and stay with you for a really long time, all the[…]

SONG PICK: Giek_1 – Both Ways (Video)

Stephanie Smit aka Giek_1 is a musician and visual artist based in Amsterdam. The new single “Both Ways” is one of those songs that immediately takes you into a different headspace with its atmospheric production and Giek_1’s layered, ethereal vocals. This is music to lose yourself in and you will find more of this on her EP “ESCAPE,” to be released on May 1.