SONG PICK: Deeper – This Heat (Video)



SONG PICK: Deeper – This Heat (Video)

Too many music videos these days show happily dancing people or colorful abstracts. How refreshing, if a band does something completely different, like… going on a hunt for rare flora and fauna but – watch for yourself! The video in question is the intriguing visualization of the instantly appealing “This Heat”, the new single by Chicago post-punk three-piece Deeper. With “This Heat” they announce their second full length album  and say about their first single:

“In the dead of Chicago winter, there’s a particular withdrawal from sun exposure that presents a deep contrast to the color and excitement of the city in the summer. In This Heat we explore this lack of sun and the seasonal depression that sometimes accompanies it. It’s a metaphor for how we cope with particular low points and how euphoric it can feel when the feeling passes–even if momentarily. The song relates to the album as a whole because while the record is about depression, it’s also about finding a way to get better. We wanted to bottle up the hope we feel on the first day over 40 degrees”

With temperatures matching the ones in Chicago, minus the extra wind chill, I can relate to this, especially to the winter induced sickening darkness. Summer can not come soon enough again but until then, we have great tunes to hold us over. Listen to “This Heat”, our Song Pick of the Day:

Watch the imaginative and highly intriguing music video for “This Heat”, directed by Zach Harris:

Connect with Deeper on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and add “This Heat” to your playlist, as we add it to our #glamglarepick playlist on Spotify:

Pre-order the album “Auto-Pain” here, out on March 27, 2020, via Fire Talk Records. Go see Deeper live while on tour, supporting Twin Peaks in Europe and Corridor in the US.

Photo Credit: Jacob Pesci

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