SONG PICK: Katie Burden – Edge of Sleep (Video)



Katie Burden

SONG PICK: Katie Burden – Edge of Sleep (Video)

Happy New Year! Let’s start 2020 with with a genre-defying pop song by L.A. musician Katie Burden, whose collaborations include jennylee’s excellent 2015 solo album. Her new song “Edge of Sleep” invites you into a dream-like state as is ebbs in swells with Katie cooing seductive like a siren.

She gives us some background about the song:

There’s that ancient Toltec wisdom that describes our conscious life as a waking dream that we sort of project into the world. “Edge of Sleep” refers to an occurrence that shakes one from their waking dream and brings about a new perspective or way of seeing.

“Edge of Sleep” is the title track of her new EP, due out on January 30.

Watch the video here:

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