SONG PICK: Thrillhouse – One Of These Days



SONG PICK: Thrillhouse – One Of These Days

Brighton-based band Thrillhouse delights with the mesmerizing and  simply irresistible “One Of These Days” and we wanted to know more about the track. 

Sam told us:

“The song is really just about getting older and the longing for lost youth. It’s centered around a really good time in my life when I was small and less old and how the memories of it become more cloudy as the years go by. It’s been influenced by Talking Heads, where you can do a lot with quite a little. Brian Eno said ‘repetition is a form of change’ and we’ve tried to apply that to the music. It’s not just that we’re lazy, it was intentional…I think?”

When thinking about which song to make my first Song Pick of the Day for 2020, I knew “this is it” because with a year, a decade even gone by, the ‘getting older’ part gets very real. And while we might not all necessarily long for our younger days, there is something we do miss: carefree, endless summers for example or the feeling of being invincible and the thought of everything is possible! 

Listen to “One Of These Days”, our Song Pick of the Day with the very best wishes for a happy, healthy and successful New Year:

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