SONG PICK: Mïrändä – Stay (Video)

“Stay”, the new single by NYC-based singer/songwriter and producer Mïrändä, takes the listener by storm. Starting out as a pleasing pop ballad, the track shows its true colors, when a good 30 seconds in, it explodes in an exquisite melange of sounds and emotions. Mïrändä is a convincingly powerful singer[…]

VIDEO PICKS OF THE WEEK: Colony House / Draag / Mamalarky

Colony House What a beautiful and clever band video! Filmed in only one take, “Where I’m From” showcases the members fo Colony House in a stunning landscape, directed by Jon Steingard and Colony House’s Caleb Chapman. The track is from their just released third studio album “Leave What’s Lost Behind”.[…]

SONG PICK: Luna Shadows – millennia

Things are not ok here: the bass drones menacingly, the beat fidgets nervously and L.A. singer Luna Shadows sighs with frustration: “don’t say you’ve had enough fight for a better love”. Sometimes it is hard to get on the same page in on a relationship. Luna Shadows gives us some[…]

SONG PICK: The Districts – Cheap Regrets (Video)

Announcing their fourth full length album, The Districts offer the beautifully brooding and absolutely appealing “Cheap Regrets”, together with a truly cool video. The wistful song comes with an urgency and the accompanying video underscores the nostalgic yet upbeat vibe. “Cheap Regrets” sounds rather early 70s electronics in the beginning[…]

SONG PICK: Warpaint – The Brakes

It has been almost four years since the last album of Los Angeles indie rock veterans Warpaint, so it is good news that they are working on their fourth studio album to be (hopefully) released later this year. In the meantime we have “The Brakes” from the excellent soundtrack of[…]

SONG PICK: Elephant Stone – We Cry for Harmonia

Trying hard to not be intimidated by the impressive œvre and track record of Montreal-based psych rockers Elephant Stone, led by highly thought-after singer, bass and sitar player Rishi Dhir, just released their last single “We Cry for Harmonia”. The track announces their upcoming fifth full length album “Hollow” for[…]

Rachel Beck

SONG PICK: Rachel Beck – Warrior

Women as warriors for a better world – Canadian singer/songwriter Rachel Beck names a few as her inspiration: Amelia Earhart, Greta Thunberg, Rosa Parks and Malala. Aside from the title, “Warrior” is a not belligerent song – the music is rather warm, humble and makes you feel the force of[…]