NOVEMBER 2019 in Rearview



NOVEMBER 2019 in Rearview

With not only 2019 but an entire decade winding down, we want to do something new and kick-off our monthly rearview series, because – quite frankly – the past deserves to be reviewed, acknowledged and yes, celebrated! We are focusing not only on what is happening here on glamglare but on the New York City indie music scene in general.

Being New York-based, our focus lies on what we have done on glamglare but also highlights some of our friends’ achievements and there have been a lot this month.

  • If you are following us, you could not have missed our Iceland Airwaves preview and review. To read about some amazing bands, to see them in photos and listen to our #Airwaves19 playlist, click here. We are very much looking forward to doing it all again!
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  • Music videos become more important than ever and every day hence we started with videopicks. Many fantastic videos get released and we want to do this kind of creativity better justice and select anywhere from three to seven videos per week and feature them in our Video Picks of the Week column.
  • Albums and EPs that came out this months and we’re listening to: Sea Change – Inside, Millie Turner – Hide & Seek, FKA twigs – Magdalene, Sorcha Richardson – First Prize Bravery, Me Not You – Already Gone.
  • Congrats on the relaunch of Audiofemme, spearheaded by our friend Annie White. The live show that she put together featured some of our favs like Zola Jesus, Mothica and more.
  • Tired of hearing only about Iceland Airwaves? Another really cool festival happens in November, the M for Montreal and our friend William Helms was there. Read all about it at The Joy of Violent Movement.
  • You like radio? Our friend Sam Sumpter has you covered as she brings her “Bands do Brooklyn” to Radio Free Brooklyn.

Listen to our Song Pick of the Day playlist:

Happy Holidays!

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