SONG PICK: Ruben Pol – Painting Mirrors



SONG PICK: Ruben Pol – Painting Mirrors

Following his debut EP “Infused Romance”, Amsterdam-based electro-pop artist Ruben Pol just released a new single, the enchanting “Painted Mirrors”. The track is a gentle, slowly unfolding and totally blissful pop number. The rhythmic swagger of Toto’s “Africa” comes to mind, with a dose of melancholy thrown in, topped off with the positive, glorious vibes of Ruben Pol’s vocals.

When asked about his new track, Pol provides:

“Love can be blinding and it can make you do crazy, sometimes reckless things. I myself am guilty of this too. The urge to be with someone can be so strong it damages the very thing that you are chasing, love itself.”

And Pol reveals further:

“I want people to feel and live the music,” Ruben muses. “It’s incredibly special when I hear that a song of mine has helped someone overcome personal struggles, or touched them in some way. It is a very special form of connection to experience as a musician, especially since for most of my life I have been on the ‘listeners side’.”

Well, “Painting Mirrors”, plants a happy feeling inside and wants me to sing along “go with the flow”… beautiful! Listen to “Painting Mirrors’, our Song Pick of the Day:

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