SONG PICK: Coloray – Real Life Cinema



SONG PICK: Coloray – Real Life Cinema

The song’s title “Real Life Cinema” made me instantly think about how life itself writes the more amazing and absurd stories than screenwriters can ever come up with. And while Coloray might not have had that in mind when he titled his new single that way, it is still something that can be applied to “Real Life Cinema”, a song that unfolds like a good movie: steady and unafraid, enchanting and beautiful in the process!

Coloray is the new project of Dutch DJ, producer and graphic designer Raynor de Groot, who traveled the international DJ circuit and is part of the duo Tunnelvisions. Recently, he decided to explore modern technology meets 80s nostalgia and started Coloray. Lots of synths, cool beats and pleasingly dark vocals that lend the sound gravitas and charm.

Listen to “Real Life Cinema”, our Song Pick of the Day:

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