SONG PICK: Shopping – Initiative (Video)

It is New Year’s Eve and the new song by transatlantic trio Shopping may be a great addition to your playlist for tonight. For once “Initiative” is a good mantra for going into a new year, even when Shopping does not mean it quite in that way. And the driving,[…]

SONG PICK: Susil Sharma – Wait For You

Looks like a visit to Montreal by glamglare is in order soon! Not only did our best New York friends move to the Canadian metropole but it also seems to be a hub for great indie rock. Might also be that we are more receptive to music from there now[…]

Maria Kelly

SONG PICK: Maria Kelly – I Leave Early

Not everybody feels comfortable at social gatherings and Irish singer/songwriter Maria Kelly wants to be of help with her song “I Leave Early.” It captures the moment when neither leaving or staying will make you feel better and the music grows in intensity like the conflicting emotions in such situations.[…]

SONG PICK: Evon Rose – Something More

With 2019 coming to a close, we can become a bit more somber and reflective and hence feature a thoughtful track. “Something More” is the new single by Vienna-based beautifully international quartet Evon Rose comprised of Jonas Skielboe from Denmark (guitar), Byron Cortes from Colombia (bass), Peter Nadasdi from Hungary (drums) and[…]

SONG PICK: Emma Charles – You

We started the year with Emma Charles’ advice to find “Comfort in the Chaos” and we (almost) end it with her new song “You,” a soaring declaration of love that fits well into our theme for the season. Emma gives us some background about the song: ’You’ came around after[…]

SONG PICK: Klangstof – New Congress, New Father

Deliciously sparse, with fantastic beats and great synths effects, “New Congress, New Father” makes an instant irresistible entrance. It is the newest offering by Dutch three-piece Klangstof, who says about the single: “New Congress, New Father is one of the oldest pieces of lyrics I still had in my possession. I[…]

SONG PICK: Frida Sundemo – Gazelles

2020 is upon us and many of us spending this time with reflections about the the past and the future. Swedish singer/songwriter Frida Sundemo has some advice for you: “Just let it all run” Like a herd of gazelles in the savanna there is not much you can do to[…]

SONG PICK: Celeste Krishna – Van Morrison

Hailing from Birmingham, Alabama, now calling Brooklyn her home Celeste Krishna creates indie pop songs with edge and zest. Her vocals are full of soul and contrast beautifully with the sparse electronic production and sweeping strings in “Van Morrison. I asked Celeste whether she could give me the gist of[…]


SONG PICK: Clear – Always

If you want to feel big love, Australian singer/songwriter Clear has the right music for you. Her grand, sweeping ballad “Always” is like a sunset on the beach with somebody special, in a moment when everything is beautiful and perfect. No wonder that the song popped into her mind so[…]

SONG PICK: obylx – With You

What an amazing accomplishment! Under the moniker obylx, Brighton-based producer Oliver Johnson has released a new song on the first day of each month since January 2018. The sweet and mesmerizing “With You” is the latest one of these singles and can be found on obylx’ album “Twice”, about which[…]