SONG PICK: Household Dogs – Will My Dreams Be Electric Tonight?



SONG PICK: Household Dogs – Will My Dreams Be Electric Tonight?

Leeds-based four-piece Household Dogs deliver an intense and utterly gorgeous indie rock song with “Will My Dreams Be Electric Tonight?” Lead singer  and guitarist Declan Newcombe reveals about the track:

“‘Will My Dreams Be Electric Tonight?’ was inspired by a dream I had in which someone was sleeping with my partner. I was actually there, in the room, I couldn’t see what was happening but I knew it was going on. I can still see the room in my mind’s eye. I can see the white walls and the sunlight coming through the blinds. I think in a broader sense it’s about disassociation from events that are taking place around you. Maybe an interpretation of helplessness and an inability to act on a situation, but who am I to make such sweeping statements?”

The band enjoys their independence and follows a fierce DIY ethic. Like their previous releases, “Will My Dreams Be Electric Tonight?” was again recorded, produced and mixed entirely by the band themself, with bassist and resident producer Matt Fogg taking the reins. The artwork was created by Declan Newcombe. Aside from Fogg and Newcombe, the band gets completed by Ross Day on guitar, Alex Fletcher on guitar and pedal steel and Josh Hagan on drums.

Listen to “Will My Dreams Be Electric Tonight?”, our mesmerizing Song Pick of the Day:

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