SONG PICK: Cream With A K – Saving Face



Cream with a K

SONG PICK: Cream With A K – Saving Face

Lee Tatlock aka Cream with a K is singular artist who found her musical home at the crossroads of bubbly pop and fuzzy grunge rock. Her latest single “Saving Face” does not (yet) come with one of her resourceful video treatments, but features thundering live drums. Lee recalls:

I made the song on the go, so the base of the arrangement is super DIY, with cheap midi and DI sounding guitars. I worked on finalising the track with Alex O’Donovan, who is an excellent engineer and producer. We agreed it need an organic element to it and decided to put some full sounding live drums on it (courtesy of John Stewart). I really feel it was his drums made the song into a single.

Check out our Q&A with Lee – there is a lot more about her Cream With A K persona. Listen to our Song Pick of the Day “Saving Face” below:

^Update*: Cream with a K released a video for the song. Watch here:

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(Photo: Shota Ashin)

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