SONG PICK: Mayfly – Selfish Girl



SONG PICK: Mayfly – Selfish Girl

Hard to believe that “Selfish Girl” is only the second officially released single by North East London-based musician Elena Garcia, who sings, writes and produces her music under the moniker Mayfly. She creates it all by herself and nobody else has their hands in this beautifully crafted and highly appealing production! Without knowing her influences, I would go as far as to cite supergroup London Grammar among them, as far as production goes but also because Garcia’s vocals are able to soar equally high all the while offering a comfy yet outer worldly feeling.

We asked Mayfly for insight about her latest single and she offers:

“Selfish Girl is about feeling fed up with those who can’t seem to accept and acknowledge the privilege that surrounds them. It was written as kind of a vent towards those who are living in their own little bubble really.”

We hope that Garcia finds enough time to devote herself to creating music as she surely has great talent in abundance as the exquisite “Breathe“, her previous single, is proof. Listen to the infectious “Selfish Girl”, our Song Pick of the Day:

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