SONG PICK: Dead End Career Club – Vice Vice Baby



SONG PICK: Dead End Career Club – Vice Vice Baby

The catchy swagger in “Vice Vice Baby” makes it impossible not to immediately fall for Dead End Career Club‘s new single. The somewhat snotty and overall careless vibe paired with cool guitar strumming totally resonates with a die-hard The Strokes fan like myself. Not sure though how much Ryan Kennedy, the artist behind the project, even likes my reference! But regardless, “Vice Vice Baby” is per the artist’s own words “A love song about Vice Mag, mostly without the love.”  It  all becomes crystal clear when he continues to chant “I don’t care much anymore”, which makes me want to know more about what his reasons might be, but then again most of it is already here in the lyrics. Listen to the highly appealing “Vice Vice Baby”, our Song Pick of the Day:

No cool song comes without a video these days and this one does the song justice and after all, You Only Live Once:

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