SONG PICK: Sara-Danielle – Sometimes

There is something in the music of Sara-Danielle that keeps it from falling into the background. You may think that you listen to jazzy lounge music in one moment, but then something happens that throws you off and gives a song a whole new spin. “Healing,” the second album of[…]

VIDEO FRIDAY: Georgia – Never Let You Go

The first thing I heard this morning was “Never Let You Go”, Georgia‘s new and absolutely fantastic single. How is this London-based singer/songwriter and superb drummer coming up with one infectious pop pearl after the other? (Remember “About Work The Dancefloor” and “Started Out?”) Georgia’s sound is edgy enough to[…]

SONG PICK: Some Bodies – Higher Self

“Higher Self” the new single by Bristol five-piece Some Bodies packs so much gorgeous harmonies in its 3:33 minutes that it can even absorb an almost but not quite dissonant sonic piece announcing the third part of the track. The band also doesn’t seem to take themselves too seriously when[…]

Reeperbahn Festival 2019 in Hamburg, Germany

Sadly, we couldn’t just quickly book a trip to Hamburg, Germany to attend  this year’s Reeperbahn Festival. Browsing through the many performing acts, we also identified some glamglare favorites and acts we would have loved to see had we’ve made it over the pond. Maybe next year? Hamburg is definitely[…]

SONG PICK: Claire George – Alone, Together

L.A.-based singer/producer Claire George dazzled us first with her single “Orbit” and then with a stunning performance this spring at SXSW. Now she is back with a sweeping new song “Alone, Together” about change in a relationship. And this is not a piano ballad as you might think after the[…]

Q&A with Laveda

Laveda is based in Albany, New York and has only released two singles so far, but this duo is definitely up to something. Ali Genevich and Jake Brooks take classic shoegaze as a cue and craft energetic, fresh indie rock tracks. Listen to “Dream. Sleep.” and “Better Now”. Read on[…]

SONG PICK: Reclaim Vienna – Kick The Butterfly

Manchester knows no end in attracting or nurturing spectacular indie bands, with synth-wave rockers Reclaim Vienna the city’s newest addition its ever growing fantastic music scene. The six-piece’s debut single “Kick The Butterfly” is nothing short but stunning! The driving urgency and production vibe ask for comparisons with legends like[…]

SONG PICK: Black Belt Eagle Scout – My Heart Dreams

Oregon-based singer/songwriter Katherine Paul aka Black Belt Eagle Scout has just released her stunning second album “At the Party With my Brown Friends,” on which she plays all the instruments. Listen to the album on Apple Music or Spotify or to the latest single “My Heart Dreams,” our Song Pick[…]

SONG PICK: Operators – Despair

Casually listening to Apple radio this morning, “Faithless” stood out and I interrupted our breakfast-in-the-sun-conversation to check the band’s name: Operators. Not stopping there, I also found out that the analog heavy post-punk band is based in Montreal and formed by members of Wolf Parade and Divine Fits, to name[…]

SONG PICK: Lara Snow – Butter Knife (Video)

Electro pop singer/songwriter Lara Snow moved from Tel Aviv to Berlin and had to cope with winter and the extended times of darkness that comes with it in Northern Europe. Now with fall officially starting in a week or so, it is not too early for a power anthem to[…]