SONG PICK: Super Paradise – Feel



SONG PICK: Super Paradise – Feel

Admittedly, I do not always remember the band names of the musicians whose sound we cover in our #glamglarepick series, and it also doesn’t really matter, as I go by the music first and foremost. “Feel” by Super Paradise got me instantly, with its slightly uncomfortable overtones, yet ultimately beautifully psychedelic vibe. At times I even feel reminded of the psych pop glory of the rather successful Brit rockers Temples.

Turns out, we have been featuring the Italian/British band before! Super Paradise are comprised of singer/songwriters Francesco Roma (vocals, guitar) and Nicolò Spreafico (guitar) left their home in Milan to form Super Paradise in London together with Anna Arfen (keys), Charlie Davis (bass) and Bradley Hillier-Smith (drums).

When asked about their latest single, the band explains:

‘’Feel is essentially about just that: the hard-to-describe physical mini-euphoria you get from listening to a piece of music. It can come from anything or any genre – could be a vocal melody in a pop tune, the bass kicking in in a techno track or a guitar riff that makes your hair stand on end.’’

Well… yes! Listen to “Feel”, our Song Pick of the Day:

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