SONG PICK: Anna Straker – I Got The Beat

“I Got The Beat,” that says it all. London-based singer and producer Anna Straker went to Berlin for a break and came back with new inspirations for her music, which we have been following here at glamglare for about five years. And she does everything right here: “I Got The[…]

SONG PICK: Split Screens – Need From Me

“Need From Me” sounds as if Jesse Cafiero, the multi-instrumentalist and singer/songwriter behind the recording project Split Screens, was taking cues from a crystal-clear mountain brook, rippling in the early morning sun, when composing this gorgeous track. The song flows and swells and intensifies over time, never loosing its playful[…]

SONG PICK: Maria Usbeck – Amor Anciano

“Amor Anciano” is the latest single off the new album “Envejeciendo” (Spanish for Aging) by NYC-based musician Maria Usbeck. Originally from Colombia she uses two languages to tackle the topics of youth and growing older and even if you cannot understand the words like me, you get the impression that[…]

SONG PICK: William Doyle – Nobody Else Will Tell You

 “Nobody Else Will Tell You” is the stunning new single by William Doyle, taken from his upcoming album. When asked about his new song, William explains: “‘Nobody Else Will Tell You’  became about the exploration of your residential surroundings and affording them the same kind of curiosity and wonder that[…]

SONG PICK: Sacre – 01:00 AM Pink Mamba

The title “01:00 AM Pink Mamba” already suggests that Amsterdam-based French duo Sacre is up to something bigger. Indeed, the song is the seventh chapter of their story “Love Revolution” which comes out as an album end of the year. Go to Apple Music or Spotify to catch up on[…]

VIDEO FRIDAY: Tusks – Be Mine

Emily Underhill aka Tusks has released a fabulous second album “Avalanche”. Get into the groove with the video “Be Mine” and listen to the album on Apple Music or Spotify. Connect with Tusks on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

VIDEO FRIDAY: Dry Cleaning – Magic of Meghan

I loved “Magic of Meghan” by London-based quartet Dry Cleaning from the spot, together with its smart and compelling video. “Magic of Meghan” got a visual treatment that lets you guess what might happen next or which sheer endless other possibilities there are. The video was created by Sheffield-based artist[…]

SONG PICK: Morning Midnight – Ancoats Junction

The question begs asking: What has Glasgow-based duo Morning Midnight done until recently, when “Ancoats Junctions” marks ‘only’ their debut single? Do they not know that we, their new and already devoted fan base, could have listened to more of these magnificent tunes? Thanks to the highly pleasing piano foundation,[…]

VIDEO FRIDAY: Miss Red – Prayers

“Prayers” by Sharon Stern aka Miss Red is an audiovisual, ambient experience that will grab you even without words, beats or harmonies. Watch “Prayers” below: Connect with Miss Red on Facebook or Twitter.

SONG PICK: Aïsha Devi – Uupar Theory

The feel of being thrown away into a different, futuristic world does not necessarily require an expensive VR headset. Put “Uupar Theory” on headphones and you have a similar effect. The electronic musician Aïsha Devi accomplishes this beautifully with fantastic, unsettling soundscapes with distorted synth and robotic vocals. Appetite for[…]