VIDEO FRIDAY: Fifi Rong – Upstream

London-based singer/producer Fifi Rong has given her 2018 song “Upstream” the proper video treatment: fitting to the soaring, cinematic vibe of the music the video shows her in a scene that could be a montage from a movie. We don’t know what Fifi is up to and if there will[…]

SONG PICK: sarasara – Into Me See

Parisian, now U.K.-based artist sarasara is known for a particularly dark and atmospheric brand of experimental future pop. Her second album “Orgone” is scheduled for release on July 5 on One Little Indian and the latest single “Into me See” gives us a taste of her usually slow-burning, deeply moving[…]

SONG PICK: Company Ink – Young Milk

Without context or knowing anything about Company Ink, one could easily place “Young Milk” as a song straight from late 70s Manchester, because it bursts with an undeniably catchy urgency, dark punk undertones and a remarkably infectious vibe. However, Company Ink are not calling the UK their home but Norway[…]

SONG PICK: Cross Record – PYSOL My Castle

“Wabi Sabi” the last album by Cross Record was one of my favorites in 2016 for its unique sonic adventures. Since then much has changed for Emily Cross, the singer and mastermind of Cross Records and so has her music. The new single of her upcoming album, due out on[…]

SONG PICK: Magic Wands – Cyan Blue

Dream pop duo Magic Wands create music that could equally originate from current day California as well as 80s England. Chris Valentine (guitar, vocals) and Dexy Valentine (guitar, keyboards, vocals) left their home in Nashville, TN and headed further West to build themselves a home in Los Angeles. Their latest[…]

PHOTOS: Adam Melchor @ Baby’s All Right

The concert room was packed that night at Baby’s All Right, filled with friends and family but also new fans and old fans of Adam Melchor, the charming singer/songwriter who exchanged his old home grounds in New Jersey with the sunnier ones in California. I certainly don’t blame him, as[…]

SONG PICK: Ofelia K – Different

“Different” is a song about not fitting in and L.A.-based singer/producer Ofelia K. expressed this perfectly in words and sound. The track’s many layers and sounds are warped like a dream scene in a movie, but in the end everything comes together to an accessible pop song. Ofelia explains: There’s[…]

New Artist: Q&A with Naomi Wild

Naomi Wild has some story to tell. As a teenager, she went to Coachella to see her idols on the big stage with 100,000 other fans. Next thing, she stood up there herself with electronic music superstars Odesza, singing a song she had written and submitted to the band’s public[…]

SONG PICK: Carter Reeves – Grey Area

Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter and producer Carter Reeves just released “Grey Area”, a lush, funky and highly infectious new single with a big dose of summer feeling and carefree vibes. When asked about the inspiration for the track, Carter Reeves says: “Being in the grey area is NO GOOD. If you’re[…]

SONG PICK: Tavia – A Walk in the Madness

Tavia is a singer/songwriter from Northern California. Yesterday she released the first song “A Walk In The Madness” for her upcoming second EP. The slow-building, intricately crafted track takes you through the time after a heavy emotional experience, when things do not make sense anymore. “Sanity is lost on me,”[…]