SONG PICK: Wildes – True Love

It is Pride Weekend here in New York and everywhere in the world, so let’s celebrate with a message of love by London-based singer/songwriter Ella Walker aka Wildes. Her latest song “True Love” is a slow, calm song intended to carry you away on a bed of elevating thoughts. Ella[…]

SONG PICK: Jens Carelius – All I Know

A song as mesmerizing as “All I Know” is appealing without any knowledge about its inspiration or wider context. However, if your great-great-grandfather has documented over 50,000 specimens of fascinating butterflies in Eastern Siberia in the 1800s and you are an artist you might want to explore this a little[…]

SONG PICK: Violetta Zironi – Lonely Window

Violetta Zironi, originally from Italy and now London-based, is a singer/songwriter who found her own musical style from the beginning: quiet, sparsely instrumented songs full of melancholy and yearning. She just released her second EP “Scenes From My Lonely Window” (Apple Music | Spotify) and the title alone sets you[…]


In “Wilt”, composer Marina Elderton aka UV takes her listeners by the hand and leads them through her web of ethereal sounds, trippy beats, ambient vibes and intoxicating vocals. Since the musician is taking the lead though, we don’t get lost in the sheer overwhelming beauty of it all. “Wilt”[…]

SONG PICK: The Maya Spectra – Cursed Roots

There is a lot to discover in this brand new track “Cursed Roots” by the Arizona-based art pop trio The Maya Spectra. Defying the stream-count optimizing trend to shortness, they go all in with this seven minute song: led by singer Janel Blanco the musicians expose a sheer joy of[…]


The German capital Berlin is one of the music hot spots in the world and not just for electronic and dance music, but for an array of other genres as well. Musicians here also have a lot of resolve to experiment: music made in Berlin tends to defy genre boundaries[…]

SONG PICK: Cat Turner – Situation (Video)

Cat Turner is a singer, songwriter and producer from Galway, Ireland, who does cutting-edge synth pop that avoids most of the genre-typical slickness. Cat is out there, singing her heart out and working the electronics like a punk band their guitars. She gives some insights about her new song “Situation:”[…]

SONG PICK: The Woods – Night Silk Threads

When the sun has set and the sky is colored in shades of dark blue and one by one windows become illuminated, that is when “Night Silk Threads”, the new single by The Woods, enters the scene. The Scottish producer, vocalist and multi-instrumental live-loop artist Johnny McFadzean makes music as[…]

SONG PICK: Thailah – Joy

It’s officially summer in the Northern Hemisphere and here is your first hit for the carefree season: “Joy” by the London-based singer Thailah. A sing-along anthem and a dance floor banger at the same time, it can be the soundtrack for your beach party or lift up your mood during[…]