SONG PICK: Ed Patrick – Blow My Cover

All my life, I’ve been drawn to guitar-driven singer/songwriter fare and growing up there was no shortage to indulge in it. Lately though, I have the feeling that this kind of music got more interesting again with a crop of young musicians who not only write great songs with compelling[…]

SONG PICK: DAXX – Golden Gate

DAXX is the new project by Marina Sprenger, who we know from the Munich indie rock band Heroine Twin. Since then she changed musical style and location: she does now brainy synth pop in London. DAXX’ debut single “Golden Gate” was in Marina’s mind for years and has recently been[…]

SONG PICK: Kill J – Moon Sick

“Moon Sick”, the new track by Danish art pop musician Kill J, casts a spell with its almost surreal and outer worldly vibe. The feeling of vastness  and what-could-be is intentional of course, as Kill J explains: “I was inspired by the multiverse theory within quantum mechanics. There are as[…]

VIDEO FRIDAY: Kazu – Salty

Kazu Makino is a member of Blonde Redhead, one of the best indie bands for more than 25 years. If you have been following them, Kazu’s first solo song and video just seem to be naturally something she would come up when on her own. Sound and image have a[…]

VIDEO FRIDAY: Son of Cloud – How to Love You Today

Jonathan Seale, who goes by the artist name Son of Cloud, has unveiled the video to “How To Love You Today” a track from his recently released self-titled debut album. The video is mesmerizing in its focus and the song itself is utterly gorgeous! Son of Clouds say about the[…]

SONG PICK: Gatlin – Cold Night in Brooklyn

“I never find the time for passion,” sings Nashville-based musician Gatlin and one can imagine that many young artists can relate to the struggle between keeping their independence and having the comfort of a steady relationship. “Cold Night in Brooklyn,” out today is the second song of Gatlin’s upcoming debut[…]

SONG PICK: Benedict Benjamin – Tell Me If You’re Lonely

Benedict Benjamin aka Ben Rubinstein released his final single “Tell Me If You’re Lonely” before his album “Truant” drops tomorrow. The song starts as a simple rock song, boring almost, but a few beats in, it gets this irresistibly lush psychedelic treatment and grooves smoothly along. The production keeps things beautifully[…]

SONG PICK: Primitive Heart – No Fear in Love

Dani Mari is a well-known figure in the NYC music scene and it is good to see that she recently released a new excellent track under the name Primitive Heart. „No Fear In Love“ is a restrained, haunting synth pop track with Dani‘s vocals front and center. Yes, there should[…]