SONG PICK: Deep Deep Water – Freedom



SONG PICK: Deep Deep Water – Freedom

How would Warpaint sound if they added a flute to their music? This was the first thought I had when listening to the gorgeous “Freedom”, the new single by London-based quartet Deep Deep Water. The mysterious and mesmerizing track doesn’t give away that there’s so much more to it as the band explains:

“People are feeling impotent in a society ruled by the 1%” the band tells us, “We accept our fate as the press carefully controls the information that we receive, through campaigns led by hate and fear. The song is told from the perspective of the younger generations that feel as though their autonomy is being systematically taken away, and are powerless to change or stop this process. The relaxed feel of the instrumentation mirrors the smoke screen we are presented by the press; real news is being brushed under the carpet, and we are fed cheap distractions in the form of celebrity obsession, and consumerism.”

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Photo credit: Tom Oldham