SONG PICK: Be The Bear – Mermaid

Today Christina Wehage aka Be the Bear released her fourth single “Mermaid” and it is bright glittering pop in best Swedish tradition – not too far from her countrywoman ionnalee, who coincidentally released her new album today as well. This is music that elevates and makes you feel like flying[…]


SONG PICK – Savi Minds – Darling

The month of May came with a lot of rain in the New York Tri-state area and so I can not blame New Jersey-native singer/songwriter and producer SAVI MINDS to leave this grey and wet mess behind and exchange the East Coast with the West Coast. The dreamy music that[…]

SONG PICK: Grae – New Girl

Grae is recounting a hurtful breakup in her debut single “New Girl.” That is a common theme in pop music, but her version adds serious drama with heavy piano, drums and a menacing Cure-Lullaby-style violin. In the end Grae herself doesn’t take the affair so serious as she tells us:[…]

SONG PICK: Le Module – I’ve Lost Centre

When I tell you that “I’ve Lost Centre”, the new single by Le Module starts with a longing whistling, you might be inclined to think of Andrew Bird, who made the whistling his hallmark. Yet the opening whistling in “I’ve Lost Centre” reminds me more of the beginning of Supertramp’s[…]

SONG PICK: Lune – Don’t Speak

Linnéa Martinsson has been around for a while in the Swedish music scene and has collaborated with big names there. She also makes music under the name Lune on her own label Play Human. The latest single “Don’t Speak” is an infectious, upbeat electro pop song. Take Linnéas own words:[…]

SONG PICK: Deep Deep Water – Freedom

How would Warpaint sound if they added a flute to their music? This was the first thought I had when listening to the gorgeous “Freedom”, the new single by London-based quartet Deep Deep Water. The mysterious and mesmerizing track doesn’t give away that there’s so much more to it as[…]

SONG PICK: elegant slims – Shake The Glass

elegant slims is a fascinating figure in the New York music scene: even with her third single she remains “Shake the Glass” anonymous and features original art with her music in place of the usual press shots. In this case it is it is a piece by Mario Klingman (see[…]

SONG PICK: Pelicandy – White Sky

London-based duo Pelicandy deliver with “White Sky” a beautiful alt-pop single that is highly infectious thanks to its lightness and synth-laden smoothness. Listening to the song makes me think of the fizziness and the fine pearls of good champagne, the extra lovely sparkles. Vocalist TC Beecham says about the track:[…]

SONG PICK: Meiko – Gimme Gimme

“I want it all right now!” – you know where this is going: meaningless indulgence and consumerism. But it is deep-thinking singer/songwriter Meiko who is delivering this message in a mysterious way: “Gimme Gimme” morphs from a quiet song into a big pop music piece and keeps you with unexpected[…]

SONG PICK: Octopus – Happy Today

What makes “Happy Today”, the new single by Manchester 4-piece Octopus  stand out, is its intelligent build with stunning twists and turns that are especially surprising for young musicians. Rowan Well‘s skillfully booming bass lines provide “Happy Today” with a welcoming earthiness over which George Hunter‘s gorgeous vocals can soar or[…]